LIFE FOR CHRIST MINISTRIES is a christian based charitable organization founded by Monday David after a long journey of God calling him to help the helpless his testimony and life has something meaningful to offer.

Though Life For Christ Ministries started in 2014 January the call on its founder has been ringing since 2000 when he was still a very young man but one by one God prepared him until the birth of this great ministry which is the hope for thousands not just kids but also poor families and schools.

What drives Life For Christ Ministries is that every single suffering and abandoned child get a chance to live a better life as he or she face their future.


There's a number of reasons to join us as we transform our society for the glory of God just to mention a few;
Our organization spend time to assess challenges and problems facing families and kids to come up with the right answer or a solution, it is not that all kids should belong to the orphanage or orphanages some times it is a matter of strengthen the care takers or the parents by sensitizing them with the basic knowledge and life lessons to begin standing on their own.
Standing on waiting list for donation is and will still be a big struggle not just faced by Life For Christ Ministries but by every single person so as we still have a chance let us stand to help others stand on their feet and fight for the rights and freedom of their families, country and the future.
By Joining Life For Christ Ministries you come on the plat form to conquer disease, ignorance and poverty among dying society.

We ask all who would join us to pray and consider what God leads you to do in this organization really the gap to be filled is really big thus we invite you to join us as God leads you to make a life long difference.


To provide food, clothing, medical assistance and education to orphans and street children whose parents are widows either poor or abandoned.

To see the less privileged (orphans, AIDS orphans) going back to school, getting food and shelter and knowing God, sports development to raise awareness of sporting, disciplines and imparts skills to individuals.

To provide destitute children for self employment among youth through vocational training, tailor and heir dressing.

To start a vocational school for woodwork and computer training that will enable the center first to train the needy or orphaned and to generate income to meet some of it is expenditure and sustain itself.

To build a school that will serve orphans or needy children in the community

To establish medical facilities and provide treatment to the needy

To provide HIV/AIDS awareness among all members of our community 

To mobilize, develop and apply the available resources to promote the objective of the organizations